About Me

Art was a reality for me before I became conscious of it…, I was surrounded by creativity… my Father was an excellent drafts man, sign writer and water colourist, he made his living later in life faking Rembrandts and Vermeers, every one of my brothers and sisters paints and my Uncles were musicians and composers.

My formal art education was very much suited to my restless personality. I started in Foundation Drawing and Fine Arts, then Graphic Design, Typography, Photography and finally Film-making. After my studies at the Academy in Berlin, I taught Drawing at a College In London, worked in Graphic Design, the TV Industry and for many years as a Creative Director in Advertising in many parts of the world.

The one continuous thread that ran through all this was my Painting. It gave me a sense of Focus during the many years I spent in the world of Marketing and Publicity.

My work has been exhibited at Galleries in London, Brussels, Duesseldorf, Sintra, Dubai and the Algarve. I paint in all the traditional media, such as Watercolour, Acrylics and Oil but often mix techniques and media to create new refreshing solutions.

Essentially I attempt not to “Fall” into confines of a “Style”, my work is non Abstract and deeply rooted in the skill of Drawing. From there the Theme dictates the choice of Media and the Method that is going to give each piece of work its own integrity.

I strongly believe in one of Picasso’s quotes: “…if you know exactly what you’re going to do, what’s the point in doing it …?”

I try to give my paintings a sense… of place… of being there… of intrigue… of moment… I’m forever fighting the Parrot sitting on my shoulder. His name is “Silly”… he tries to tell me that: “…this will do something for me…”, “…this will make me…”, he wants me to have a “‘thing” about being “a good artist”…

Painting is for me a gateway to other realities, different from those I immediately perceive.
Someone once said: “All art constantly aspires towards the condition of Music…”
So if a Painting doesn’t sing,  it’s not worth anything.